Quick Hit slots: generous bonuses, clear rules, and good graphics.

Quick Hit slots: generous bonuses, clear rules, and good graphics. post thumbnail image

Quick Hit slots immerse players in the atmosphere of Las Vegas!

Quick Hit slots have several reels and pay lines. They are dedicated to different subjects and plots. They differ from other categories by:

  • Variety and dynamism of the process;
  • Corresponding attributes and symbols of the screen;
  • Original gameplay options, bonus levels;
  • Several prize rounds, free spins;
  • Interesting stories as the basis of the plot;
  • The simple controls, rules.

The range is so wide that each user will find an interesting device to play for free or for real money. Today gamblers prefer Bally, as this company provides devices with high quality of graphics and RTP. The Users can download Quick Hit slots or to play in the browser directly.

Quick Hit slots: General Rules of Usage

Each modern online slot from free Quick Hit slots is a software product in the form of a game with several reels (three to seven) and paid lines, the number of which varies from five bands to 1024 different combinations. Before starting to spin the reels, players need to configure the following:

  1. Select the face value of the coin;
  2. The size of the bet per line;
  3. The number of active bands if the lines are loose.

Besides, the user can play online slots automatically, set the complexity of the game process (low, medium, high) – the option is not available in all machines. Quick Hit slots include a risk game, free spins, bonus levels, special characters, and gameplay options. To bet real money, users need to register the website, make an account, replenish a deposit with confirmation by SMS or in another way, and play online slots for any amount.

Which way to get free coins?

Quick Hit slots free coins as a gift for registration is a popular type of bonuses for new players. This bonus works simply: after the registration is completed, the users get at the disposal a certain number of coins, most often 10-20. They can play several rounds using these coins.

A certain percentage of the number of winnings is credited to the virtual balance in the form of start-up capital, while the rest of the money “burns out”. If the players did not manage to win at all, in any case, they lose nothing. Another very important rule of Quick Hit slots concerns payments, and the mechanism by which they are awarded.

First of all, gamblers should remember that the expenses on slot machines largely depend on the pay lines. They can make only one bet and hope that sooner or later game symbols match within it. They can also make several bets for several different lines. In this case, the chance to get a prize combination is higher. But on the other hand, expenses with this style of playing slots increase significantly.

Free Coins: the Methods of Withdrawing

Players should not think that they can register, undergo verification and withdraw the free coins in the form of real money. To withdraw funds, special conditions, they should meet wagering requirements. Free coins is a chance to study Quick Hit slots, their features, game rules, but not for instant withdrawal. Gamblers can lose this money fearlessly, and continue the game with real money. The main condition is that the received reward must be won back:

  • the game must be played at a high limit rate;
  • the free coins are won back with the wager;
  • the number of free coins should increase by a thousand times, etc.

A special payment table determines the size of payments in free slots Quick Hit. It indicates the symbols and their number, which can help players to receive the winnings.

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